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paintingWhen you are setting up your apartment in Suwanee, you want to be able to personalize the space and express yourself. But, it's also important to avoid changes that could cause damage and cost you your security deposit. Balancing these two needs does not mean having to make do with a rental's plain white walls. You can make a space your own while also leaving no trace behind when it's time to move to a new community.

Livening Up Your Apartment

Painting walls, adding wallpaper or changing light fixtures typically goes against the rules when it comes to decorating an apartment. However, that doesn't mean you are stuck with cookie-cutter white walls and plain floors. There are many changes you can make that won't leave permanent marks.

One of the quickest ways to add color and personality to an apartment is with brightly colored or boldly patterned rugs or floor coverings. Pick rugs that fill your space well for a bold statement. As a bonus, an added rug helps protect the floor beneath from damage.

A mix of lighting can change the entire feel of a place. Each room should usually have at least two light sources. Take a look at fixtures that are already in the apartment home and decide how you would like to augment them. Pendant lighting adds drama to a dining room, as will one or two tall lamps in the living room. Make your bedroom cozy and inviting with small, warm lights.

Don't let large white walls discourage you. Instead, break them up with bold dashes of color. Oversized canvases can be painted with bold geometric designs and hung with non-damaging hooks. You can also add both color and texture with fabric wall hangings and tapestries.

Room dividers are another opportunity to personalize your space. Choose natural textures like bamboo or more refined ones like linen or silk. Plus, screens and dividers can help avoid visual clutter by concealing storage.

With little touches like these, you can make a space that is as unique as you are. The Point at Suwanee features a range of layouts to suit every taste. Time for a change? Get in touch to see available floor plans.

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